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Fees & FAQ's


Survey Professionals rely on these three things to make accurate determinations on Boundaries, Elevations, and Descriptions.

Meridian surveying and mapping has compiled some of the best available records, information and data. 35 YEARS WORTH!


Q. Why should I rely on Meridian Land Surveyors?
A. Our firm’s professionals are native to Florida and we have been in practice here since 1981. We have some of the best available information on properties in this area.

Q. My firm does a large amount of real estate closings. Can MLS provide us with fast, economical service?
A. Absolutely! This is what we are best at; our turn-around time is typically 2-3 week, however we can provide faster service when necessary.

Q. What other types of surveys can Meridian land Surveyors provide?
A. MLS can provide all phases of construction permit surveys, boundary surveys, topographical surveys, route surveys, fence and pool permit surveys, FDEP Coastal surveys, ATLA surveys, tree location, and platting/as-built services.


Please CONTACT US for a speedy quote!

All prices are approximate and are subject to change.

**(Building permit packages can be furnished upon request.)

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